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Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

Bursting with personality but shying away from the noise of the city, Alta Foundry allows you to disconnect from the outside world. Take life as it comes, unburdened by the need to fit in or follow a predefined lifestyle. You are your own person, and as such can spend each moment exactly as desired. Connect with the neighbors. Seek the solitude of your private home. Make the amenities an extension of your living space. Check the gallery to get a better look into the custom-tailored lifestyle facilitated by our luxury apartments in Nashville, TN.

Spend days enjoying your favorite activities and evenings planning your next moves. Get fully immersed in a meaningful conversation at our indoor lounge area or enjoy the fun of a casual chat around our outdoor fireplace. Celebrate personal or professional accomplishments with an alfresco meal at our grilling area. Our apartments in Midtown Nashville let you live just the way you like. Allow your inner kid to resurface while playing lawn games. Watch your dog make friends at the pet park. Work hard in the co-working center, then release tension with an invigorating workout in our fit club.

When you’re ready to be on your own, with only your favorite people around, the cherry-picked features of our Nashville luxury apartments will help you ground yourself. Dim the lights to the desired intensity, prep a quick meal in the modern kitchen, then relax undisturbed in your spacious living room. Or turn in for the night and get a restful sleep inside your stylish bedroom.

Our apartments for rent in Nashville empower you to be your most authentic self. Join Alta Foundry today!